Francesca Gramegna is a professional singer, lyricist, composer and producer from Apulia, in Italy. She has trained in vocal techniques (along with music harmony and jazz improvisation), piano and guitar at a private school of music. She also holds a bachelor Degree in "Show Business Management" and has been performing live internationally. 

Being a Music Designer, Francesca Gramegna will create for you an elegant and exclusive musical background for every type of Event.

Together with a team of professional musicians, Francesca offers a varied selection of Music Services for Events and tailored counseling to help you customize all the aspects of the entertainment: from the musical genre to the most appropriate ensemble, up to the selection of a playlist that will transform your special day into a priceless memory. 


The service offered includes a full coordination of the entertainment in the venue, with the support of sound engineers and various amplification systems in the areas where the reception will take place. Every detail will be planned to reflect your personality through a Custom entertainment where nothing will be left to chance.

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To achieve an entertainment that meets 100% to your ideas, you can pick your favorite ensemble, according to your taste, budget and to the aesthetic and logistical requirements of the event.

Our basic solutions are organized as follows:

LATIN-HOUSE QUARTET (Female Vocals, Male Vocals & Percussions, Guitar, Drums)

Francesca Gramegna Band

- POP-DANCE QUINTET (Female Vocals, Male Vocals & Percussions, Guitar, Drums, Keyboards)

Francesca Gramegna Band

- ACOUSTIC SEXTET (Female & Male Vocals, Percussions, Guitar, Drums, Saxophone, Double Bass)

Francesca Gramegna Sextet

- FULL BAND (Female & Male Vocals, Percussions, Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Saxophone, Double Bass)

Francesca Gramegna Band

It is anyway possible to add other instruments to the ensemble, depending on your taste and on the repertoire you prefer, such as: trumpet, violin, harp, cello, viola, harmonium, and so on...


One of the most important aspects for the success of an event is the repertoire, which should create a pleasant and engaging atmosphere across all the guests.

With our band you can create your own playlist choosing from our repertoire consisting of over 1000 songs in Italian, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish (jazz standards and Brazilian music, traditional Spanish and French music, beguine and bolero, 50s and 60s Italian music, lounge & chill-out, smooth jazz, swing, pop-rock, international hits from the 1950s to today, Latin-American music, reggae, disco and house).

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The musical service provided will cover the entire Event throughout the facility, and the support of the sound technician will ensure impeccable sound for the most demanding ears. 

During the meal, music will be a pleasant and non-invasive background that will give your guests the opportunity to maintain a convivial and relaxed tone, while breaks will be dedicated to dance with live music and entertainment.

Our basic proposal includes 100% live music during the entire event, with the following schedules:

- Welcome Drinks/Aperitifs - Acoustic Duo/Trio (Instrumental Gypsy-Swing and Latin Jazz repertoire)

- Lunch/Dinner - Complete band with live entertainment

- Cake Cut - Final DJ-set

Francesca Gramegna Band


- Music for Civil and Religious Celebration (Acoustic Duo/Trio)

- Shows (Street artists, Pizzica dancers, Illusionists, Musicians)

- After-party (HOUSE DUO with Vocals & Live Percussion + unlimited DJ Set)

Francesca Gramegna Band

Francesca Gramegna Music in based in Puglia, but our bands are available throughout Italy and abroad.


"I love my job and I consider all my customers special: every event deserves the utmost care and constant attention to detail: with the right music an important day can become memorable, but it must be organized with care, dedication and, above all, expertise.

Besides being a singer, I deal with Music Design and I can help you create an elegant and sophisticated reception, which reflects who you are and that will be able to engage and excite all your guests while maintaining a delicate atmosphere, focusing on you!

Music is the centerpiece of your event, if we build together we'll create the perfect entertainment for you and your guests. "

In the most exciting day of your life, let the music do the talking.

  Francesca Gramegna
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